Four Diabetes Misconceptions

Even if high technology surrounded us and given easy access to information, there are still misconceptions about diabetes. The concepts range from believable to really outrageous. Below are four diabetes misconceptions you should familiarize yourself with:
Insulin Injection is necessary for all diabetic patients.

Insulin shots are only required to patients who have Type 1 Diabetes.ksdvdsvsdvknsvksnvksnksnvkkdvnkvsdvsd

The reason for this is that the body cannot generate its insulin anymore. For patients with Type 2, Diabetes is required to take medication and practice regular exercise. However, if all these methods fail, these patients are then required to have insulin shots.

Diabetes Only Affects The Blood

Diabetes can affect the entire body if not treated. Risks and complications from not controlling blood sugar levels include stroke, heart disease, nerve damage, amputations resulting from nerve damage or impaired blood flow, blurred vision, blindness, and kidney failure or disease which must be treated with dialysis.

Sweet Food Causes Diabetes

Unlike the common belief of many that sweet foods cause diabetes to develop, this applies only to those who have acquired overweight because of too much sweet intake. If this is the case, the patient is most likely to have Type2 Diabetes. The best thing any person could do to avoid diabetes is to reduce the sweet intake. Because chocolates are sweets, it is also believed that these are bad for diabetic patients. In contrary to this, it is okay for diabetic patients to eat chocolates as long as they are eaten moderately.

Adults Are The Only Ones Affected By Diabetes

Any person with a sedentary lifestyle may be mslmdvdsvlsdmvlsmdvlsdvlmlvmsdvsdvsdvprone to Type 2 Diabetes. These are the people with less mobility. Even children who do not move their body often may have Type 2 Diabetes. Nowadays, there are many things such as video games and computers, and these things decrease the time spent for moving and exercises. Moreover, the availability of unhealthy foods in the market is rapidly increasing. Because parents are too busy to prepare healthy foods, children tend to eat junk foods and unhealthy foods such as those offered in the fast foods and other restaurants. Thus, Type 2 Diabetes may develop even in children.

The list of myths goes on and on, but you can plainly see that there is a wide variety of them. Some are silly while others are quite dangerous. Only by educating ourselves can these myths be put to rest once and for all.